Up next on 'X Factor' was 36-year-old single dad Jeffrey Gutt. We first met Gutt outside with his son chatting up another father who brought his young son along with him.

Gutt chose to sing Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' during his audition, and man did it tug at our heart strings. What started out soft and strong ended tight, raspy, and loud; Gutt made the song entirely his own and the dynamics of his voice allowed him to stretch his range, all the while doing Cohen proud.

After his perfect audition, the crowd raised to their feet to give Gutt one of the longest standing ovations the show has seen so far. "I think you're unbelievable," said L.A. Reid, who sat there with an astonished look that matched the other judges'. "I love how mysterious your voice was," said Britney Spears. "It was really soothing and unique. I loved it." Demi Lovato confirmed both of their critiques, explaining that he had an amazing grit to his voice and that she has never heard the song sung that way. "God's even rocking out right now," she said, referencing the thunder heard from up above.

But once again, it was Simon Cowell who summed Gutt's performance up perfectly. "Jeffrey, I've heard that song a lot, I've sat in this chair a long time, it was one of the most brilliant auditions I've heard," he said as Gutt desperately tried to keep the tears from welling up in his eyes.

Then, as expected, our own eyes filled up with tears as his four-year-old son ran out on stage to give his dad a big bear hug, and you could tell how happy and proud he was to have made it through -- all for his son.