The judges are going to have a hard time narrowing this group of Hollywood contestants down! The pipes on the Season 11 group of 'American Idol' hopefuls is music to our ears! (Something that can't be said for seasons past).

The brunette cutie Jen Hirsh from Agoura Hills, Calif. had a simple game plan. Don't fidget. And when she started to sing, she could have done the robot for all we care. She blew our socks off with her version of Patti Griffin's 'Up to the Mountain.' Her soulful voice showed great range and she cascaded over notes like an old pro. We would listen to her even if she was accompanied by a kazoo, that's how great she sounded!

Lauren Gray was Hirsh's blond counterpart in the same group of 10. She sang 'One and Only,' off of Adele's smash album '21.' And although the judges were signaling her to stop, Gray would have gone on all night! We must give her credit for tackling such a complicated and beloved song. Her performance seemed a little shaky, but we could see how the judges see potential as nerves obviously play a huge part in this portion of the competition.

Two solid performances in this batch of 10, so bring on the final 24!

Watch Jen Hirsch + Lauren Grey Perform in Hollywood Round 1