Get your first listen of Canadian singer-songwriter Jenna Andrews' debut EP! PopCrush is proud to present an exclusive premiere of 'I Didn't Mean It,' a tune from her upcoming release 'Kiss and Run,' which hits stores on Oct. 9.

The track was produced by Dan Heath, co-writer of Lana Del Rey's 'Blue Jeans,' and features an accessible alt-pop style. In the song, Andrews realizes she made a mistake by dumping an ex and sings about her regret. "I need you here / Even though I told you to get out / I messed up," Andrews confesses.

Revealing a large vocal range, Andrews continues, "It wasn't me / No not at all / I wouldn't lie to you / It was the alcohol." She may not be able to win back her former lover, but she's clearly giving it her best shot. A vibrant beat kicks in during the chorus, which features Andrews repeating the title several times.

Andrews was signed to Island Def Jam less than 24 hours after performing for label execs. Her live experience includes opening for fellow Canadian songbird Nelly Furtado during some recent shows.

Andrews' seven-song debut EP blends pop and soul styles with deeply personal lyrics. "All my secrets will soon be revealed," she teased in a Facebook post about the album release. The music video for the title track is already online, and fans can also check out Andrews on her website and on Twitter.

Listen to Jenna Andrews, 'I Didn't Mean It'