Jenna Dewan-Tatum, wife of former Sexiest Man Alive Channing Tatum, has revealed her unique post-baby weight loss secrets.

Dewan-Tatum only gained about 33 pounds while pregnant with their daughter Everly, born last May. But getting in shape didn't happen after the birth. In fact, she was proactive and stayed in shape while she had her beautiful bun in the oven, making the post-arrival "getting in shape" process easier.

"The second I found out I was pregnant, I called [my trainer] Jen Johnson," she told Us Weekly. "We found areas we wanted to target: arms and legs. I wanted to keep the muscles alive. Plus, I felt so much better. Working out kept me sane. I would feel a burst of energy and all my hormones would regulate."

That mindset and plan allowed her to focus on what is important and to bond with her daughter as soon as she arrived.

"I didn't think much about losing weight," Tatum, 33, said. "I was overwhelmed and in love with my baby!"

The new mom, a vegetarian and dancer, kept her priorities in line. She also was mindful of diet.

"I think a lot of women find out they're pregnant and are like, 'Let's go crazy and eat ice cream every day!,'" she said. "To me, it was, 'I'm growing a human being, and I want to give this little soul the best nutrition I can."

Aw, what a thoughtful mom-to-be she was.

Her diet consisted of oatmeal, green salads with chopped-up veggie burger and enchiladas.

Dewan-Tatum confessed that Everly is a daddy's girl, too! "He's like a big kid. He plays with her, and she laughs harder and smiles bigger than she does with anyone," Dewan Tatum said, "Dad comes around and it's playtime. She's like, 'Mom, I'll talk to you later!'"