13-year-old wanna be pop starlet Jenna Rose has released a video for her single 'Time of Our Lives.' Do we have Rebecca Black and 'Friday,' Part II on our hands? Yes and no.

Rose has the same long, wavy black hair, and innocent air of teenage wonder and cuteness that Black had when she went viral with 'Friday.' But while Rose might be younger than Black in terms of age (Black is 14) it's just a number. Rose is a little more, how do we say, revealing? She also has a star's name. Whether it's real or not, we don't know.

In her video, Rose acts and dresses incredibly grown up. The clip opens with a scene of her bitch slapping other young girls and wearing a jailbait, Britney-circa-'Hit Me Baby One More Time' leather outfit. It looks like Rose probably has wealthy parents who bankrolled this production and her wardrobe. Rose also wears sparkly silver pants suit -- this year's answer to Juicy Couture velour tracksuits?

The song is heavy on the AutoTune and while Rose isn't the best singer or dancer we've ever seen, she has spirit, energy and sass. She's trying hard and has copied all the right moves. When she sings, "I'm a good girl / Not a bad girl," you'll realize there are about 100 pop stars who claimed that phrase.

The digital generation is churning out hopeful pop stars at an alarming rate. Jenna Rose could become "something" or just a casualty. Who needs to be a Mouseketeer these days?

Watch the Jenna Rose 'Times of Our Lives' Video