Oh no! A drunk driver reportedly crashed into Jennifer Aniston's front yard Saturday night (March 14) and allegedly ruined some of her plants.

According to TMZ, the incident took place around 8:30 PM at her estate in Bel Air. The driver reportedly hit a curb, which caused him to crash into said plants. One of Jennifer's security guards called the police after witnessing the crash, but when law enforcement officers arrived on the scene the driver allegedly tried to tell them he was not the person responsible for the accident. Security footage of the crash contradicted his story, and he was arrested after failing a set of field sobriety tests.

The Daily Mail reports that Jennifer's Bel Air home -- which, according to TMZ, is said to have six bathrooms, four bedrooms and even its own vineyard -- is worth about $40 million now. In an interview with the Independent, she claimed that she still does the majority of her own housework, saying, "I make my bed every day and I clean my kitchen." She bought the house back in 2012 and reportedly spent the past few years renovating it. Considering the pride she puts into maintaining her home, we can't even begin to imagine what a blow it must be to have her front yard totally wrecked.

There's no word as to whether or not the Friends actress or her fiance, Justin Theroux, were home during the time of the accident, but we're glad everyone is okay!

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