At just 29-years-old, Jennifer Hudson has seen life and death, thick and thin -- literally. The 'Where You At' singer says that her new album, 'I Remember Me,' is a reflection of the many different chapters of her life.

Hudson has reached some great highs in her life, like the birth of her son David in 2009, and her 80-pound weight loss in 2010. Unfortunately, she has also experienced drastic lows, like losing her mother, brother, and nephew to a horrific murder in 2008. The strong R&B singer will mark another page in her life journey when she marries later this year -- and says that her new album, which dropped today March 22, acts as a diary to where she's been and where she's going.

"Oh my god! It's like a new me. It's like a new introduction of myself — for myself and to others as well — in every way, from image to music to everything," Hudson tells MTV News of 'I Remember Me.' "And it's like, in a way, for me I'm rediscovering myself at the same time. I like the old me too ... if I could just marry the two together, then I feel like I'm in good shape."

'I Remember Me' has been a long time coming, but the new Hudson release -- which features R. Kelly, Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys -- is now on the shelves. The singer says her album is emotional, thought-out, and heartfelt, much like an autobiography of her roller-coaster life. "I feel like my life is different chapters of a book," she continues. "It's like, OK, what's going to happen in this next chapter or this chapter is completely different than the first one, so that's why [it's called 'I Remember Me']."

To say that Hudson has experienced every emotion possible is an understatement. She's an actress with an Oscar, an artist with a Grammy, the face of Weight Watchers, a mom to her young son, and future wife to David Otunga -- but also lives in the wake of the loss of her closest family members. "I decided to name the album 'I Remember Me' 'cause I feel like, in 29 years, I've lived four different lives and there's nothing the same as it was 10 years ago for me today, and so that's where it came from," she says.

Jennifer Hudson Dishes On 'I Remember Me' to MTV News