Jennifer Hudson teams up with Ne-Yo and Rick Ross for the break up tune 'Think Like a Man,' which is the theme song to Steve Harvey's romantic comedy of the same name starring Chris Brown, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart and others.

This is a wonderful pairing between the two R&B superstars as J.Hud and Ne-Yo complement each other vocally on the track. The duo play a couple who have come to the realization that their relationship won't work because of their different views on love. "Now there's no we, babe / There's just you and there's me, babe," Hudson sings on the song. She then adds, "When you in love, you have to act like a woman / But think like a man."

Meanwhile, Ne-Yo agrees that the relationship has gone sour and he's ready to bounce. "Now I'm going to keep it realer with you now than I ever been / We should have never been / Girl we was better as friends," he confesses.

Rozay comes through and provides an obligatory rap verse of spoiling his girl with the finer things in life. He raps, "Time costs money, and it's so expensive / Versace linen got these women blowing kisses / leaning on my auto, she so photogenic / Can I take a picture, she's my Mona Lisa."

Despite it's somber tone, 'Think Like a Man' is a great R&B ballad that every woman and man can relate to. It won't solve your relationship problems, but it will definitely make you snap your fingers in the name of love.

'Think Like a Man,' the movie, will arrive in theaters on March 9.

Listen to Jennifer Hudson + Ne-Yo, 'Think Like a Man' Feat. Rick Ross