Jennifer Hudson has released a new video for her latest single 'No One Gonna Love You,' in which a romantic gesture allows her to forgive her boyfriend's insensitive ways.

The clip begins with a dialogue between the singer and her man; she reminds him of their anniversary dinner, and he acts aloof and leaves the room as she warns him not to be late.

The singer then launches into the R&B song with a mix of footage, including choreographed numbers and more scenes from the relationship narrative. Although both she and her boyfriend have baggage, she insists that no one can love him like she does.

Hudson is stood up at dinner, but when she arrives home, her lover has decorated their apartment with heart-shaped balloons and prepared her a home-cooked meal. At first, the vocalist is unimpressed, but when her boyfriend slips a ring on her finger, all is forgotten.

'No One Gonna Love You' is the third single from the Oscar-winning actress' sophomore album 'I Remember Me.' The song follows the album's title track and her lead single 'Where You At.' Hudson performed her latest release on the 'Late Show With David Letterman' on June 16.

Watch the Jennifer Hudson 'No One Gonna Love You' Video