We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we love seeing footage of stars before they were famous. There’s just something about seeing all that unbridled talent before it was discovered by the rest of the world that’s so interesting. We saw it with Taylor Swift, with Beyonce, and now it looks like there’s footage of a 14-year-old Jennifer Lawrence performing Shakespeare.

Yup, CNN has footage of the ‘Hunger Games’ starlet performing in one of her first roles as a young actress. The director of the Walden Theater, where Jennifer performed, noted: ‘She definitely stood out as somebody that absolutely wanted to do this.’

She had her first acting class after her 14th birthday, and was cast as Desdemona in Shakespeare’s ‘Othello' -- after just four short months of classes. Our other favorite tidbit? Jennifer had to sing in the scene they released, kind of reminiscent of another role of hers, no?

Check out the footage above to see a young JLaw in the making!

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