Jennifer Lawrence is among Hollywood's most sought-after actresses. As a dancer, though, she (or her alter-ego, Des, at least) is struggling to find a following.

On last night's (November 18) Tonight Show episode, the Hunger Games actress and Jimmy Fallon showed us a world in which two people who bore striking resemblances to them—Des and Dash—occupied a late night infomercial spot where they peddled "Come Dance With Us!" The imaginary video series seems a little unfinished, but in the clip above, the characters are no less inclined to sell it.

Dressed in Polaroid-y vinyl separates and rainbow-Muppet sleeves, Lawrence joins Fallon to perform movements like "Check the door," "Bury the nut" and "Peekabo-a-choo." Each will likely find its way to nearby discotheques within the week.

"Don't we seem like the kind of people you'd like to dance with?" Lawrence demands. "So what are you waiting for?"


Tripping and tumbling enthusiast Jennifer Lawrence also shared her two most embarrassing moments. The stories are collectively almost ten minutes, so here are the CliffsNotes: She thought Elizabeth Taylor was alive recently and she showed her thong to Francis Ford Coppola at a formal event. We've certainly all been there!

Watch both clips above, and if you find you're smitten with J. Law, be sure to cast a vote in her favor for the PopCrush Fan Choice Awards' Best Actress category!

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