We've long suspected that Jennifer Lawrence would be the coolest best friend ever, but now we have official confirmation that off-camera, J.Law is awesome.

The 'American Hustle' actress has been on-and-off dating fellow actor Nicholas Hoult for the past few years, and Nicholas' sister, Clarista, recently spoke out about hanging out with the star back in December.

“Jen is lovely. She’s really easy to talk to,” the 21-year-old told heat. “She’s really family-orientated, so she fitted in well with us. She doesn’t seem like a Hollywood type, she just mucked in. We’re a very unglam family. In our house if you want a drink, you get it yourself."

We're not surprised to hear that Jennifer gets along so well with the family! Clarista also revealed that Jen scored some quality bonding time with Nicholas' dad when the two baked a chicken pie together.