One of the many things we love about Jennifer Lawrence is how down-to-earth she seems. Between tripping up the stairs on her way to receiving her Oscar to her total lack of filter to the admirable way in which she refuses to apologize for those private photos of her that were leaked onto the web earlier this year -- there's just something so relatable about her that we're totally obsessed with.

Not to mention she's absolutely hysterical. Nothing exhibits that more than her recent appearance on 'The Colbert Report.' There's nothing quite like putting two funny people together in one room and watching them interact with each other. Stephen Colbert is known for his funny, satirical interviews in which the interviewee is oftentimes the butt of his jokes. But we have to admit -- Jennifer seriously holds her own here, and the two have a great rapport.

We find out that Jennifer has actually skinned a squirrel before (and it is, in fact, the only relatable quality she shares with 'Hunger Games' character Katniss Everdeen), that she's simply waiting this whole fame thing out and assumes its end will come long before she has to consider throwing in the towel herself, and that her media-donned nickname "JLaw" has actually been her real life nickname since middle school.

It's a fantastic interview, and we don't want to give away too much because there's no way to truly capture the greatness without watching it yourself. Check it out above!

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