Jennifer Lawrence is a master of emotion: We've seen it everywhere from on the big screen to countless GIFs and hilarious interviews. But her reaction when 'Silver Linings Playbook' and 'American Hustle' director David O. Russell accidentally spoiled the ending of the classic novel 'Anna Karenina' may take the cake.

Lawrence was in the midst of filming 'Silver Linings Playbook' when she would read the heavy tome on set.

“She’s walking around the set all the time reading the Tolstoy novel 'Anna Karenina,' which is like a phone book," Russell recalled to The Hollywood Reporter. "I was just impressed that this 20-year-old girl is reading 'Anna Karenina' -- from Kentucky, who likes to eat junk food, and watch 'Real Housewives of Long Island.'"

Sure, the Academy Award-winning actress is not shy about her guilty pleasures, but there's no denying that she is incredibly bright and intellectual.

"I go, ‘Oh wow, you’re down to almost the end, Jennifer. Have you gotten to the part where she throws herself under the train tracks?’" Russell remembered saying to Lawrence. "And she goes, ‘What?'  She goes, ‘Surely, surely Vronsky is coming back!’ And she starts crying, she’s sobbing. I’ve never had an experience like that in my life, this 20-year-old person who is living every ounce of 'Anna Karenina.'”

While Russell may have initially been surprised at J. Law's intense reaction, we think it makes perfect sense. After all, becoming entirely engrossed in a character or story is what acting is all about, right? And it is Lawrence's uncanny ability to identify so deeply with the character is what makes her such a genuine talent.