If we had to caption Jennifer Lopez's bikini body, we'd probably say, "She works hard for her body / So hard for it, honey!" Yes, we are aware that's not how the classic Donna Summer song goes, but our version really works in this case, so give us a break, will ya?

Looking at J. Lo's rock hard abs and toned body, you would think the 43-year-old mother of two must spend every single waking moment in the gym. That assumption could not be more wrong.

According to her trainer, Lopez only works out for an hour a day, but she does not miss a day in the gym. She said the 'Dance Again' songstress does a half-hour of cardio and 30 minutes of muscle building. She also switches up her routine every 10 workouts.

Even though she's not a crazy intense gym rat, Jenny From the Block certainly does not slack off when it comes to maintaining her physique.