Before he was Jennifer Lopez's honey, Casper Smart made rent by pretending to make honey. The 25-year-old dancer was the King Bee in a Haagen Dazs ad, with wings and all. To his credit, he looked a lot better than the bees in that Blind Melon video.

Donning signature stripes, antennae, a backwards cap and completing the look with white tube socks (dude, seriously?), Smart commands his fellow hive. "Yo, bees, bees, bees! I found some nectar!" he snaps. "DJ Honey, drop it." After shaking and backing up what his mama gave him, he gives the floor to his pals.

When Smart returns to center stage, he looks as confused as the rest of us do watching this, stopping and then moving really slowly before regaining his footing, at which point he dances so hard that he knocks his hat off with his impressive acrobatics. Smart then gets more into it -- and out of his costume, ripping off his top and strutting away in his black and yellow leotard. Soon Smart's alone (sorta like Marc Anthony). What happened?

Turns out, the bizarre show is a promo to help honeybees... but we're not sure it did them that many favors. Luckily for Smart, he moved on from honey to a sugar mama. Sounds pretty sweet to us!

Watch Casper Smart Dance in a Bee Costume