Newly single celebs Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper, he of 'The Hangover' fame, were recently spotted having a cozy dinner together at New York City's Per Se. It's a swanky establishment that you usually don't go to with just anyone, fueling speculating that this could very well have been a date between two genetically blessed A-listers.

However, PEOPLE reports that Lopez and Cooper were merely having a business meeting. A source told the magazine that the two are in discussions regarding a project. While we don't doubt that J. Lo and Cooper would make an incredible onscreen couple, especially within the narrative confines of a romantic comedy, there's also no denying the fact that the chemistry could spill over into real life. It's happened to both of them in the past. Just sayin'.

Remember, both stars are newly single. Lopez is in the middle of a high profile split from husband Marc Anthony, while the hunk actor Cooper and longtime love Renee Zellweger ended their quiet (by Hollywood standards) relationship earlier this year. His most recent romantic "link" was with actress Olivia Wilde.

Is this meeting indicative of business? Pleasure? Both? It could be any possibility when it comes to these two talented and good-looking stars. Nevertheless, seeing them together in public certainly got tongues wagging.