Jennifer Lopez's music career was reinvigorated by her stint as a judge on 'American Idol' and her lava-hot dance collabos with fellow Latino Pitbull.

Well, she's ditched 'Idol' and perhaps she has done the same with Pit (at least for one song), as she shared a photo of herself in the studio with Chris Brown and even added a "#makinghistory" hashtag.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a J. Lo and Breezy collabo in the works and there's photographic evidence.

Say what you will about Breezy's temper, but the dude does feature on a lot of tracks, and to great success. He could be just the sexy boost a J. Lo club banger needs. It'd freshen up her formula.

She also tweeted that it's Album 10 and that she's the #samegirl, so if you count her studio albums and remix releases, it appears that this collabo is for her next record, as opposed to his... we think! The tweet is so heavy on the hashtags, but since she sent the photo out into the Twitterverse, we're thinking it's all about her and her record.

Does Rihanna need to worry, since La Lopez is draped all over her man, looking all sexified in a pretty pink sweater and a bright swipe of lipstick? Nah. They're just having some studio fun.

Also pictured is Cory Rooney, a songwriter and producer who has worked with everyone from Lopez's 'Idol' replacement Mariah Carey to her ex Marc Anthony, and on La Lopez's  major hits, like 'Jenny From the Block.'

J. Lo and Breezy -- what a dynamite team.

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