Former Crystal Air Aviation pilot George Thomsen is spilling the beans about his former employer, which operates private jets for A-list, deep-pocket celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Charlie Sheen. According to Thomsen, the company operates mechanically unsafe Gulfstream 4 jets. Therefore, it put the lives of Lopez, Sheen and other celebrity clients like NBA star LeBron James at risk every time they take/took a flight with Crystal Air. Whoa! That sounds like several lawsuits waiting to happen.

Radar Online reports that Thomsen quit after only six weeks on the job, er, in the air. After he resigned, he sent a letter to the FAA, detailing the unsafe conditions with which the company flies, putting its customers at risk. As a former inspector himself, Thomsen would know a thing or two about safety.

He cited major safety issues and claimed that the airline did not "comply with Federal Aviation Requirements" and that he had proof that the "company continues to operate outside the FAA guidelines." Yikes! Bet that makes J. Lo think twice about chartering a private jet with Crystal Air! Flying commercial jets is stressful so one might think that a private operator would ensure safety and comfort. It doesn't seem to be the case with Crystal Air Aviation.