Jennifer Lopez isn't letting the naysayers dictate what she can or can't do at her age.

The 45-year-old pop star and 'American Idol' judge spoke with The Insider on Yahoo! and defended her sultry 'Booty' music video with 24-year-old Iggy Azalea against critics who say that she needs to act more appropriately for her age.

"This is good for women," she stated. "You have to know that you don't disappear after you're 28 years old. You can be here, you can be vital and young and sexy and feel good about yourself. You don't have to worry about competing with anybody. We weren't competing, me and Iggy in the video. We were co-existing in kind of a beautiful way and owning it!"

So how does Lopez, a mother of two, maintain such a great body at her age? "You got to live right," she said. "You got to eat right, work out. Nobody can escape the hard work that it takes to get results in anything in life. All of us have to work hard at it and I definitely have to."

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