Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Ojani Noa is threatening a lawsuit over J. Lo's new song 'One Love,' which Noa claims was written about him, in violation of the former couple's confidentiality agreements.

Noa's business partner tells Radar Online: "Any negative reference to Ojani Noa is prohibited by contract, and J. Lo would be in breach to Ojani Noa. Noa will be bringing a separate civil action over the song, as soon as the album is released, so as to avoid prior restraint, which we are accusing J. Lo of in our case."

Noa's outrage is ironic, given that 'One Love' and a handful of other songs on Lopez's new album 'Love?' question what true love is and whether it even exists. Facing a lawsuit from your ex-husband is precisely the kind of thing that might make a person ask such questions.

Noa and Lopez wed in 1997 and divorced less than a year later. 'One Love' is the only track on 'Love?' for which Lopez receives writing credit, and its lyrics seem to obviously condemn several exes:

"Took a shot with the bad boy from the block / Picked my love right from the start / Mister Wrong, he plays his part / Back to the beginning, now round two / Try my luck with something new / We danced until we said 'I do' / My luck is bad, no more us, too / No me and you."

A logical reading of the lyrics, though, reveals that the "bad boy" is probably Lopez's former long-term boyfriend and Bad Boy Records founder Diddy, while the guy J. Lo danced with until saying "I do" is her second husband Cris Judd, a professional dancer and choreographer. The lyrics go on to reference two more men, who would seem to be Ben Affleck ("went nowhere but kept the ring") and Lopez's current husband, Marc Anthony ("he sang to me.")

It looks like Noa might have an uphill battle trying to convince anyone that he's the true focus of the song.