You know those warnings about dating your coworkers? Situations like this one are probably why. Jennifer Lopez had a visibly awkward reunion with ex Marc Anthony to promote their new show, 'Q'Viva! The Chosen.'

Radar Online reports that the pair briefly held hands at a press conference for the Television Critics Association, garnering buzz for the Jan. 28 Univision premiere of 'Q'Viva!'.  Anthony complimented Lopez's rings -- with no mention of the fact that her wedding ring wasn't one of them. The press at the event also knew better than to mention the elephant in the room.

Anthony and Lopez's split has been a pretty dramatic one -- at least in the press. Reports surfaced that Anthony wasn't thrilled with J. Lo's new beau, Casper Smart, and vindictively planned to launch a custody battle to hurt the 'American Idol' judge.

Based on the looks on the pair's faces, their cordiality was as good as their personal interactions were going to get. We're happy that both Lopez and Anthony are business savvy enough to not let their failed marriage get in the way of their professional and artistic endeavors. We hope they can put their differences aside for the best of their kids -- and for the stars they're making on their new show!