Jennifer Lopez warns that it's going to get "nasty" in her latest track, 'Hypnotico,' but we were too busy dancin' to the beat and singing along to the catchy RedOne and Lady Gaga-penned lyrics to notice anything too X-rated.

Let's be honest, if anyone knows how to write a good pop song, it's Lady Gaga. Tack on the hand of producing genius RedOne and the "original sexy" J. Lo (self-proclaimed), and you've got the dance song of the century.

This one has an old-school feel, so maybe 'nasty' in Lopez's eyes means that we all break a sweat while we whip our hair back and forth in the club -- and possibly even brush up on a few of the other patrons. Remember, she was at her peak in the '90s.

The chorus is light and catchy, and brings back the word 'silly,' which we love:

"All the boys all love it when we do our thing / We're just some silly heart-breakers tonight / All the boys will want it but it don't mean a thing / We're just some silly heart-breakers tonight"

Silly plus dance beats plus heart-breaker plus Gaga equals hypnotic? You betcha. This one appears alongside another Gaga-written hit called 'Invading My Mind' on J. Lo's new 'Love?' record. You can get your hands on it this coming Tuesday, May 3.

Rating: 9/10

Listen to Jennifer Lopez, 'Hypnotico'