"Throw up those hands if you love a big booty," Jennifer Lopez sings on 'Booty,' her sexy, remixed track featuring Iggy Azalea. We know Nicki Minaj would be raisin' 'em high up, but we are too -- we're all about 'Booty' (the song, duh!)

J.Lo dropped the sizzling, Iggy-infused remix today (Aug. 26), and we were wowed by the single art alone, which you can feast your eyes on in the picture above. Seriously, J. Lo is 45 and looks just as jaw-droppingly amazing as the 24-year-old Australian rapper.

The smoldering song is classic J.Lo, an insanely catchy dance tune spiced up with that Latina flavor and fast-paced rhymes from Iggy, who raps lines like the standout lyric, "The last time the world see a booty this good it was from 'Jenny From the Block.'" And of course, both ladies have the, um, goods to back it up -- as anyone can clearly tell from the single artwork. Work it, girls!

Listen to the track below, and check out that smokin' single art above!

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