Jennifer Lopez launches her line of apparel, accessories and home goods at discount retailer Kohl's in the next few weeks. To promote the line, the glamazon showed off her sense of humor by appearing in commercials that position her as a Kohl's corporate employee.

In the first commercial, dubbed 'Just Another Day at the Office,' La Lopez saunters into the lobby of the company's headquarters in a tailored trench and knee high boots while carrying a slouchy silver bag. If those items are part of her adult-leaning apparel line, we're going to be shopping there, stat! Lopez rifles through her bag but can't find her ID and the big, burly security guard won't let her pass until she produces proof of her identity.

She looks at him pleadingly and says, "You know, Jennifer Lopez? J. Lo? We're doing the whole
fashion thing here?" But he will not be moved. Some security guards take their gigs as serious as a heart attack. J. Lo tries to do a little song and dance from 'Jenny From the Block,' but it's futile. The guard lets his friend Phil go because "we bowl." Comically, after J. Lo is out of the shot, the guard is caught singing 'Jenny From the Block.'

In the 'Jennifer Lopez Gets Down to Work' promo, there is a lot less action, but it's just as cute. Lopez is seated at a desk in the Kohl's office, clicking a pen incessantly and annoying the employees, who roll their eyes in "WTF?" fashion at her. She notices, stops and then resumes the nervous behavior, causing one office worker to jet. The dude suggests that maybe she use a pencil.

The promos did their job -- they left us very curious about Lopez's Kohl's wares and wears.

Watch 'Just Another Day at the Office'

Watch 'Jennifer Lopez Gets Down to Work'