The true mark of an A-lister is having their very own fragrance that sells off the shelves, as fans hope to smell a little like the celeb that they idolize. Jennifer Lopez, who saw a serious career resurgence after her maternal turn as an 'American Idol' judge, has had many fragrances. The singer/dancer/actor/judge/fashion designer/fragrancier will expand her olfactory empire with the launch of her umpteenth new scent, Love & Light, on July 2, exclusively via HSN.

J.Lo's debut scent, Glow, was the mother of all celebrity fragrances, and became an instant best seller. Lopez went on to develop multiple scents, spin-offs and limited editions, from Deseo to My Glow to Miami Glow to Love & Glamour and more. Clearly, Lopez's business "scents" are a critical element of her entrepreneurial portfolio.

On July 2, La Lopez will hold court on HSN and open up, offering personal stories about her inspiration behind building a global beauty brand, and about the development of the latest smell, 'Love & Light.' HSN is actually sponsoring a contest for fans to win a private meet and greet with the J.Lo, as well as other sweet treats, from now through June 14. Visit here for more details.

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