With J. Lo's 'Love?' album scheduled to drop in less than a month, fans are beginning to wonder what exactly is on the new record. Look no further -- the full track listing is here, including the additional four songs from the deluxe version.

If what we've heard of the record so far is any indication of it overall, we're in for the dance album of the summer. J. Lo takes on an upbeat, fun, club feel in this one -- perfect for 'Jenny From the Block' to return to the mic.

Lopez's big comeback record includes multiple hits featuring Pitbull -- like the debut single, 'On the Floor' -- as well as a Lil Wayne collaborative track, J. Lo's new single 'I'm Into You.' J. Lo's seventh album also boasts a Lady Gaga and RedOne written song, 'Invading My Mind.'

'Love?' comes packed with twelve J. Lo hits, but true fans should snag the deluxe version, which will tack on an additional four tracks -- a total of sixteen bust-a-move songs.

'Love?' drops on May 3, and the 'American Idol' judge will appear on the show on May 5 to perform 'I'm Into You.'

‘Love?’ Track List:

1. 'On the Floor' feat. Pitbull (Listen here)
2. 'Good Hit'
3. 'I’m Into You' feat. Lil Wayne (Listen here)
4. '(What Is) LOVE?'
5. 'Run The World'
6. 'Papi'
7. 'Until It Beats No More'
8. 'One Love'
9. 'Invading My Mind'
10. 'Villain'
11. 'Starting Over'
12. 'Hypnotico'

Deluxe Version Bonus Tracks:

13. 'Everybody’s Girl'
14. 'Charge Me Up'
15. 'Take Care'
16. 'On The Floor (Ven a Bailar)' feat. Pitbull