Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are not like most divorcing couples. There is no mudslinging and no bitterness. In fact, they have remained on good terms, at least for the sake of their twins, Max and Emme, and their joint TV show, 'Q'Viva! The Chosen," where they scout Latin talent.

In a further testament to their solidarity and proof that you can remain close with an ex, the duo will perform together on May 26 in Las Vegas as part of a show that will feature the best acts on their TV program.

"It's a very unique, modern way, and sexy way, to package these traditional talents," Anthony told The Associated Press (courtesy of Billboard). "I'm really, really looking forward to the live show."

He is well aware that fans might raise their eyebrows at the fact that he and his soon-to-be-ex-wife are getting on stage together again. "I know it's shocking to people and I hear that a lot," the singer said. "It's more shocking to me that it's shocking to people."

Lopez and Anthony, as well as 52 artists from around the world, will perform as part of the live concert, dubbed 'Q'Viva! Live.' It will be held at Mandalay Bay Events Center.