With CGI anything is possible. Such as making it appear like Bronx poster (fly) girl Jennifer Lopez returned to her borough of origin for her recent Fiat commercial and 'Papi' video.

The Smoking Gun reports that Jenny From the Block did not cruise through the lively streets of her native city while filming the ads.

Does this really surprise anyone? Most films with New York City or Chicago settings are often filmed in Toronto or on a set for tax breaks and cost efficiency.

In this case, a body double was used for Lopez's NYC scenes while La Lopez was in Los Angeles. A production company was hired to merge live action and CGI footage scenes into a seamless commercial. Again, this is nothing new when it comes to modern TV and film and the same rules applies to commercials.

In the commercial's voiceover, J. Lo claims, "This is my world. This place inspires me … they may be just streets to you, but to me they’re a playground." She cruises past breakdancers and bodegas, all sign posts of the city's urban culture.

Still, it's not shocking that this commercial was the work of animation and technology. The controversy lies in how Fiat, the automaker's PR reps and the ad agency promoted the spot. Promotional copy regarding the ad was trumped up to advance the notion that despite her glamour and fame, J. Lo is still a girl from the Bronx. It suggests that Fiat drivers can experience a similar emotion or situation of returning to their roots.

Yes, that's called advertising.