Given how seriously Jennifer Lopez takes her gig as a judge on 'American Idol,' it's no surprise that she has a new album coming out, called 'Love?,' and is allowing 'Idol' to be a platform to promote her own music! On tonight's episode of the show, J. Lo debuted the visually arresting video for her dance anthem 'On the Floor,' which reminds us of late '90s Madonna.

The video will make you feel like you're out way past your bedtime in a club that has no regard for concepts like last call or going home before the sun comes up. And throughout, J. Lo reveals several sides of her personality, and rocks several costumes and a variety of glamorous looks. She sports a gold dress with a high, dramatic, bastardized Elizabethan collar, a sparkly silver outfit and a street stylin' bra top and black pants. The only constant? The fact that this mother-of-twins looks stunning in every ensemble, whether her hair is slicked back in a structured beehive or cascading down her back in loose, beachy waves. It's a fashion show as much as it is a video. Pitbull guests on the song and shows up, looking ever-dapper, in the video.

One thing is for sure. You will put raise your glass, empty it and ultimately hit the dancefloor once this banger starts  bellowing from club speakers.

Just as Americans vote for their favorite 'Idol' hopefuls each week, Lopez allowed fans to cast their vote as to how the video would end. Three alternate endings to this paeon to club culture were shot and the ending with the most votes was aired.

Watch the Jennifer Lopez 'On the Floor' Feat. Pitbull Video