In the new Jennifer Lopez video for 'Papi,' the Bron-born Latina has an entire city full of men trying to win over her affection. The 'Papi' video marks the third off of J. Lo's latest album 'Love?,' following the clips for her smash club hit 'On the Floor' and her Lil Wayne-featured track 'I'm Into You.'

The 'Papi' video kicks off with J. Lo looking casual and comfortable as she picks up her mail in her apartment building. She gazes at a cell phone pic of her boyfriend, who is a soldier off fighting somewhere. As the building employee hands Lopez her mail, she realizes the singer misses her boo, and offers her a small bite of a cookie, telling Lopez her "love will come back." However, the songstress bites off a bit more than she can chew in more ways than one.

The video then cuts to the next morning, and unbeknownst to J. Lo, who is taking a casual stroll through the city, there is a hoard of men behind her fighting to win her love. The actions the men take for Lopez to notice them are hilarious, with men jumping through windows, crashing cars, fighting each other, and grabbing gifts left and right as they try to catch up with the beautiful songstress.

As she gets in her car to drive away, Lopez begins to notice the admirers who are stalking her every move as one man rushes up to her window with an adorable puppy dog in hand. Her confused looks are priceless, as she looks around at the chaos surrounding her. Finally, the men corner her in an elaborate and unwarranted dance scene. However, everything works out for the best in the end, with J. Lo being flung into the arms of her man, who returned just in the nick of time to save her.

Watch the Jennifer Lopez 'Papi' Video