Glamazon Jennifer Lopez might have to start worrying about getting dog hair all over her couture outfits! The singer/actress/dancer/fashionista/mom-of-twins and her boy toy Casper Smart adopted an adorbs chocolate brown boxer they named Bear.

Lopez tweeted a pic of her new "baby," who is leggy like a newborn colt. And he is so freaking cute we cannot even handle it. Check out the picture of him running and playing already. OMG, it's like an overdose of cuteness. Make. It. Stop!

And because we can't resist, remember when Lopez was a "boxer?"

Now La Lopez's twins Max and Emme, who will turn 5 in February, have a new playmate who is just as cute as they are.

Lopez was already spotted toting what will no doubt be a pampered pooch around to the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' set when she made an appearance. See, she's already a dedicated dog mama. Boxers are a bigger breed, so she won't be able to carry him around while teetering on heels much longer, so she should enjoy it while she can.

Adopting a pooch with Smart is a big deal and is evidence that Lopez and her man are getting seeeeeeriiiiiiiouuuuuuus. It's another way that Lopez and her much-younger man have cemented their relationship and commitment to one another.

J Lo opened up about the relationship in her recent PEOPLE cover, confessing that Smart, 25, helped her to heal after her marriage to Marc Anthony fell apart.


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