Rejoice, Jennifer Lopez fans: Not only has the premiere date for her upcoming police drama Shades of Blue been pushed up a full week, but the trailer is here in all its gritty glory.

You may be of the opinion that the last thing this world needs is yet another cop drama, and in some ways you’re probably right. The genre has become so popular and overplayed that it’s even managed to seep into the comedy sphere with Brooklyn 99. But, to be fair, Shades of Blue looks like it has some real potential to be a gripping television show.

The trailer sees Lopez staging a crime scene to help her partner in a cover-up and generally engaging in less-than-honorable activities, indicating she's something of a dirty cop. It turns out it's largely to provide for her daughter, which the FBI uses to its advantage after setting her up and forcing her to become an informant against her own team. High stakes! Drama! So far, so good.

According to Variety, the reasoning behind NBC’s decision to air the show a full week earlier than originally planned is still unknown, but they suspect it has something to do with competition from fellow networks. (Both How to Get Away With Murder and American Idol will likely air at some point in January.)

Shades of Blue will premiere on Thursday January 7 at 10PM EST on NBC, but in the meantime, you should check out the trailer above.

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