PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Woman of 2011, 1. Her ex-husband and his girlfriend, 0.

That's the legal score between Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Ojani Noa and his girlfriend, Claudia Vasquez. Noa, who was married to Lopez for just a year, and Vasquez are attempting to sell a sex tape that Noa and Lopez made on their honeymoon in 1997 to porn sites, which prompted J. Lo to take it to the courts.

You see, Lopez wasn't about to have any of that. TMZ reports that a LA County Superior Court Judge granted the singer/dancer/'American Idol' judge a restraining order against Vasquez, who reportedly owns the tape after Noa sold it to her. A judge said the tape could be distributed after Noa sold to Vasquez, although there is no proof she tried to sell the tape. Noa was reportedly offered millions for it from outside sources before selling it to his girlfriend. Shady dealings, it seems.

That said, the judge ruled that Lopez must sign off on the tape in order for it to be released, which is a highly doubtful scenario. We have to admit that we wish celebs would keep the camcorders and digital cameras out of the bedroom. It always comes back to haunt them!

This is not the first time Noa, a former waiter who met J. Lo in Miami, has tried to make a buck off his former wife. He had been trying to push the idea of writing a book about their time together.

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