It looks like little Max, son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, may be a track star when he gets a little older. The three-year-old made a mad dash away from his momma at a recent trip to the airport.

In video obtained by TMZ, Lopez, her beau Casper Smart and her two tykes, Max and twin sister Emme, are in an SUV at LAX. Smart is holding little Emme as Lopez crouches with Max near the front of the vehicle. Max looks pouty, though we can't hear what's going on.

Lopez leans down to comfort the lil' guy, but it looks like it only made things worse. He starts pouting more and kicking and stomping, before making a run for it at full speed. Clad in his little track suit, it's hard to tell if he was actually trying to get away from his beautiful mom or if he just wanted to go for a sprint towards the terminal.

Thankfully, J. Lo's bodyguard caught Max before he got too far away. (Lopez was wearing sky high heels, which would have made chasing after him pretty dangerous.) Max kicked and writhed with the hired goon, but to no avail -- he was still delivered safely into Lopez's arms.

We wonder why he was so upset! Maybe he was mad that his 'American Idol' judge mom didn't save Erika Van Pelt last week. In any case, cheer up, Max. You're young, rich and adorable. We all wish we had your problems!

Watch Max Run From Jennifer Lopez at the Airport