She's no belter, but former 'American Idol' judge Jennifer Lopez is every (six) inch (platform heels) the diva! In this list of the Top 10 Jennifer Lopez songs, we are counting down the best tracks released by the stunning Puerto Rican goddess.

From the dance-friendly, Latin pop of her 1999 debut 'On the 6,' named after the train she took from her native Bronx to Manhattan, to the sometimes slick, sometimes rugged urban pop of 2001's smash 'J. Lo,' Lopez established that Latin pop would be her domain. However, with subsequent albums, like 'This Is Me…Then' and 'Love?,' La Lopez would continue to veer into hip-hop, urban, contemporary R&B and synthpop territory.

There is one constant when it comes to her music: Lopez's songs compel you to get up and dance. She also doesn't take herself too seriously, and most of her songs have an infectiously playful air about them. She has established herself as a viable, hit-making pop star, all the while remaining a box office draw. That's why PopCrush is counting down the Top 10 Jennifer Lopez Songs.

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    'All I Have'

    Feat. LL Cool J

    With 'All I Have,' Lopez is a dreamy diva, whose cooed vocals are paired against the hip-hop legend's raps, grunts and, perhaps most notably, his plea "Baby don't go." All those vocal factors, paired with subtle urban beats and layers, make this one of the Top 10 Jennifer Lopez songs. This track, from 2002's 'This Is Me…Then' reminds us of something that Kelly Rowland would sing today. It samples 'Very Special,' a song from 1981, giving the contemporary song a classic feel.

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    'Dance Again'

    Feat. Pitbull

    Just like with fashion, La Lopez knows when something works for her musically. She reprised and revisited her undeniable chemistry with fellow Latin dynamo Pitbull on 'Dance Again,' their second single together from her 'Greatest Hits' collection. (The first you'll read about later in this list!) Lopez and Pit sing and dance so well together, and this jam is a flavorful club banger and a worthwhile sequel. These two were born to be partners. It's uptempo and bass heavy, and makes us yearn for a third collabo. Do it, guys!

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    'Love Don't Cost a Thing'

    One of her biggest hits -- and the very first single from 2001's 'J. Lo' -- this song is swirly, Latin-tinted, dance pop with gusty beats that'll make your hair blow back. 'Love Don't Cost a Thing' doesn't go too deep nor does it take itself too seriously. It's a solid, catchy song that simply makes you want to get on the floor and dance like no one is watching. We'd quickly learn that is Lopez's M.O, as it is sonically similar to her debut single 'If You Had My Love.'

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    'Jenny From the Block'

    'Jenny From the Block' is quite a polarizing track, which is why it's one of the Top 10 Jennifer Lopez songs. Either you love the 'J. Lo' tune because it's boastful and oozes confidence or you hate it because it's cheesy and makes use of flutes. Yes, it's sample heavy, including a sample of Boogie Down Productions – she's a Bronx gal, ya know! -- but it's one of her most unforgettable tracks. She even sings with a hip-hop cadence. You can take the diva outta da Bronx, but…

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    'Let's Get Loud'

    This 'On the 6' song was written by legendary Latin diva Gloria Estefan, who shared the wealth since she felt the song was too similar to her previous efforts. The iconic songstress felt La Lopez could do right by it, and that was a smart choice on Glo's part! Lopez infused the song with fiery soul and it's another tune that defined her foray into pop. She pretty much declared that she would celebrate and explore her Latin roots by doing right by this song.

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    'If You Had My Love'

    Another track from her 1999 debut, this was Lopez's first single, a silky-smooth (like Lopez's skin), "confident girl" pop song that established her as more than just an actress who was "dabbling" in music. Lopez showed herself to be a viable pop star in every facet, from imaging to sound. Her voice may be thin, but she chose a song that worked with her vocal limitations. It's semi-synthy, mid-tempo, contempo R&B pop that's flawlessly executed. It also landed at No. 1... Not too bad for her first time at the rodeo!

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    'Ain't It Funny' (Remix)

    Feat. Ja Rule + Cadillac Tah

    Lopez co-wrote 'Ain't It Funny,' which lives on 'J. Lo,' an album where she showed some edge. She's abetted by rapper Ja Rule to show off her gritty, urban flavorings and her unwavering commitment to making Latin pop music. The song is infused with Latino guitar sounds in the beginning, and it showcases all the styles that Lopez learned to command. It also reminds us that she really was untouchable on her first two albums.

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    'Waiting for Tonight'

    This 'On the 6' smash hit is a groove-centric song with a slightly salsa opening. The tropical, Latina percussion compels you to dance, and it also clings to the more R&B dance diva side of Lopez. Come on, who out there hasn't cut a rug or shook their groove thang to this uptempo track at a wedding reception? More than 10 years after its release, 'Waiting for Tonight' still has us throwing our hands up in the air, and that's why it's one of Jennifer Lopez's Top 10 songs.

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    'I'm Gonna Be Alright' (Remix)

    Feat. Nas

    With 2001's 'J. Lo,' La Lopez showed that she wasn't simply content trafficking in Latin-flavored, spicy dance pop -- even though she was pretty darn good at it. She demonstrated her ability to be a viable, contemporary R&B star, with an affinity for some hip-hop sauce on the remix to 'I'm Gonna Be Alright,' featuring rapper Nas. The track, sitting at No. 2 on our Top 10 Jennifer Lopez Songs list, is one of the grittiest in her entire catalog, with a moody, chiming beat that samples Luniz's 'I Got 5 on It' and positive lyrics about powering through difficult times.

  • 1

    'On the Floor'

    Feat. Pitbull

    This RedOne produced 'Love?' track is an uptempo, dancefloor dynamo. It was La Lopez's debut collabo with Pit, showing off the undeniable magic in their connection. It's very electro-pop, and it's the best Jennifer Lopez song simply because it's so infectious. The track is a definitive change of pace from her usually Latin and R&B-influenced songs, and it also showed us that J. Lo could evolve with a changing pop landscape -- she is as adept with Latin and urban pop as she is with synth-heavy, electro house dance. We know, a lot of genre cross-pollination, but when in Lopez's well-manicured hands, it works!