Jennifer Lopez was a vision of glitter when she performed "Feel the Light" from the upcoming movie Home on Thursday night's (March 19) American Idol.

The striking performance kicks off with a close-up of J. Lo. She's glowing from within, but she also got a little help from her bedazzled microphone and incredibly shimmery eye shadow. The singer was dazzling. However, as soon as Jennifer began to sing, it was clear that she wasn't hiding behind the sparkles.

"Do you remember when we fell under / Did you expect me to reason with thunder," she sang. "I still remember when time was frozen / What seemed forever was just a moment / Hurry up, hurry up / There's no more waiting / We're still worth saving."

While Jennifer's vocals are stunning, we can't ignore the amazing production of the performance. It starts out on a darkened stage, with only a spotlight shining on the singer. As the song begins, the camera pulls away in a striking shot of Jennifer's white dress seemingly to glow. However, soon starlike effects are projected onto the stage, casting an ethereal glow. The result is breathtaking.

Jennifer's known for jams like "Dance Again" and her sultry "Booty," so we love seeing her showcase her talents in a completely different way. The piano-driven ballad suits her voice and we couldn't love this performance any more than we do.

The singer voices the character of Lucy in Home, which hits theaters on March 27. Rihanna, who is also in the movie, contributed to the soundtrack as well. In the meantime, watch Jennifer's stunning performance of "Feel the Light" in the video above.

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