Could a collaboration between Jennifer Lopez and Black Eyed Peas frontman be underway? It certainly looks that way!

The 'Papi' songstress recently tweeted a picture of her and in the studio together. In the photo, J. Lo and will are both rocking sunglasses. Lopez looks cozy in a puffy, furry vest and tousled up-do, while will looks fashionable as usual, donning a fedora and a black blazer.

Along with the pictures, Lopez wrote, "Had an amazing day in NYC with @EricaHReid and @iamwill. #staytuned." also wrote about their in-studio encounter, tweeting, "@JLo it was great working with you today in the studio before our concert in central park."

We are anxious to see what comes of J. Lo and's meeting. Since Lopez included the hashtag "#staytuned," we are betting that a collabo is in the works for this duo. With will's penchant for creating club bangers and J. Lo's attraction to that musical genre as well, we are thinking that this pair will produce a track that makes you want to move your dancing feet!