On tonight's (July 12) episode of 'Duets,' each remaining contestant sang with their mentor and performed solo. Both songs were of their own choosing. Superstar Jennifer Nettles and her amateur duet partner J. Rome chose to sing the Script's 'Breakeven.' For his solo jam, Rome selected Stevie Wonder's 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered.'

The duet song was an excellent choice, since the pair went with an alternative pop-rock number instead of something R&B-oriented, which is what we'd come to expect from Rome at this point. As we've gotten to know him, it's clear that butter smooth tunes are in his wheelhouse. Instead, he went an entirely different route, throwing us for a loop. We liked it. Someone give this man a deed because he owns it!

Preggers Nettles looked adorbs in her maroon fedora and electric blue, asymmetrically hemmed coat, while J. Rome, in his vest and crisp white shirt, was a sharp-dressed man. This song was his last opportunity to impress America and he was confident. He is so at home singing alongside Nettles at this point. Their chemistry is infectious and every song fits his voice.

While 'Breakeven' is not an exciting or a sweeping song, the "falling to pieces" hook just gets you, and Rome did right by it! It was impressive since Rome went out of the box and was so deft at doing so.

When it came time to go it alone for the Stevie Wonder classic, Rome came to life, rocking dance moves and hitting every note. He came down off the stage and sang to Nettles and Kelly Clarkson, and when he made his way back up the steps, he danced with every step he took. He used his arms, legs, hands, head, shoulders and more. He is a full package, full-service entertainer who can sing the you-know-what out dem songs.

We think J. Rome is going to win. Just sayin'. Poor Nettles, though. With two horses in the race, she has double the chance of winning and an equal chance of a broken heart for one of her boys taking the loss.

Watch J. Rome + Jennifer Nettles Perform 'Breakeven' on 'Duets'

Watch J. Rome Perform 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' on 'Duets'