On tonight's (July 19) season finale of the debut season of 'Duets,' country superstar Jennifer Nettles and her amateur singing partner John Glosson performed together for the final time, singing the ballad 'For Good' from the Broadway musical 'Wicked. It's a sweet, sappy and syrupy song, but it also played to the strengths of both these native Georgians.

Nettles, who has another horse in the race in the form of fan favorite J. Rome, must have had it extra tough tonight, since both her boys made it to the end.

While Rome embodies modern R&B and pop, Glosson has a larger-than-life, room-filling voice and he is best suited for adult contemporary radio. He's a kindred spirit to someone like Josh Groban, thanks to a voice that sounds like melted gold.

"This is a whirlwind," Glosson said, post-performance, hilariously revealing that the producers repeatedly asked him to cry during the pre-taped video segments and interviews and news packages. Way to give away trade secrets and behind-the-scenes info about the way things work on a reality singing competition, John! That was easily the funniest thing that happened all season on 'Duets.'

Nettles, who is expecting her first child, got maternal, saying how much she loved accompanying Glosson on this journey.