On tonight's (July 5) episode of 'Duets,' the superstars and their amateur singing partners were asked to perform standards, those songs we all know, love and want to hear re-imagined by contemporary and modern vocalists. Jennifer Nettles is the only superstar with two singers remaining, and her charges, J. Rome and John Glosson, are the favorites to win. Nettles decided to pay homage to Georgia, which is her home state as well as Glosson's, with a rendition of Ray Charles' classic 'Georgia on My Mind.' She was going for it with that choice!

It was another terrific duet between two people who sing well together, that's for sure. Glosson is a big man with an even bigger voice. He brought the drama with this week's performance, perhaps because the song has such specific significance to him, since he's a Georgian. He sang the heck out of this song. He wasn't too histrionic or overly demonstrative. He opened his mouth and sang as if he was letting a piece of his soul out via his throat.

Nettles couldn't have selected a better song for her partner and Glosson couldn't have turned in a better performance. It sucks to be Nettles. She has two performers that are better than the rest.

Watch John Glosson + Jennifer Nettles Perform 'Georgia On My Mind' on 'Duets'