Jennifer Nettles performed with her frontrunning 'Duets' partners on tonight's episode (June 28) of the show, where the voting will open up to the viewing public. The superstars and their amateur partners were asked to sing songs from the new millennium and of the past decade. Once again, Team Nettles prevailed, with both of her singers delivering rock solid perfs.

First up was the newly-pregnant country singer's duet with John Glosson. The twosome performed Josh Groban's 'When You Say You Love Me,' which is large, room-filler of a song. If anyone could handle this song, it's Nettles and Glosson. While John Legend felt that the song was a bit too "syrupy" for his taste, the performance likely stuck with the American public. And hey, Nettles' band is Sugarland, so go figure.

When Nettles returned to the stage with J. Rome, who is easily the favorite to win the grand prize, they opted to du(et) the Usher and David Guetta smash 'Without You.' Rome certainly embodies Usher-like qualities, in his look, sound and styling, and he sounded terrific when hitting the falsetto parts.

Superstar Robin Thicke said the he was enthralled by how Nettles dropped it like it's hot, especially since she's got a bun in the oven. It wasn't J. Rome's very best performance, but it was quality.

Nettles is the only superstar in the competition with two active singers on her team. It's a blessing and a curse for her as their mentor, but it's also exciting since she assembled such powerful partners. Will she remain with two or will she lose on of her guys?

Watch Jennifer Nettles + John Glosson Perform 'When You Say You Love Me' on 'Duets'

Watch Jennifer Nettles + J. Rome Perform 'Without You' on 'Duets'