Chicago singer Jeremih combines the spirit of Christmas with old-time soul music on the newly-released song 'You're Mine.'

The 24 year old, who has two Top 10 hits under his belt with 'Birthday Sex' and 'Down on Me,' creates a vintage R&B feel with a spoken-word intro, harmonies, female background vocals, and hand claps as he sings about being with a special someone underneath the mistletoe during the holidays.

As the vibrant song kicks off, Jeremih says, "Yeah, I see ya baby / You're lookin real good tonight / With your dress on / And it's Christmas Eve and we havin' a good time / But you better watch out for that mistletoe, I tell you..." Then he sings, "This the weather I've been longing for / Together we'll be nice and warm / Oh, baby baby, just an ounce of time / The memories would last for life / If baby we could just get little bit closer / And no one's here to stop us."

With a fun vibe and harmonies that at times sound like a large group of Christmas carolers, 'You're Mine' is an original Christmas song we can get behind.

Listen to Jeremih's 'You're Mine'