The immensely likable Jeremy Rosado took a chance on tonight's episode of 'American Idol,' which was his first live performance of the season. He takes risks in life. His day job is the front desk clerk at an infectious disease clinic in Florida and he took a huge risk by performing 'Gravity,' a Sara Bareilles song. A boy singing a girl's ballad? It's been done many times in pop music and for his 'Idol' live bow, Rosado made the right choice.

Rosado showed off his range and his silky, breathy tone. It's performances like this that remind us that you don't need to be dramatic or loud to make an impact.

Rosado did make an impact when he hit the highest note at the end of the song. It was a tender and beautiful performance, but he really nailed it at the end with his gives-you-the-chills ending.

Judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, who called him "Jer Bear," looked like they were sniffing something, since they had their heads tilted up and their eyes closed. They were moved. As were we.

Watch Jeremy Rosado Perform 'Gravity' on 'American Idol'