The gentle giant of 'American Idol,' Jermaine Jones, received a save tonight on the show, after he was granted access back into the competition as Season 11's wild card. Taking the stage wearing some fly white pants and even snazzier purple shirt, Jones was "overjoyed" to be back in the competition, even though his mother didn't pick up the fateful phone call from Fox at first!

Jones recapped the story of his phone call from the 'American Idol' execs saying that he was back in the competition, which is now the Top 25 instead of the Top 24. With a laugh, Jones recounted the fact that his mother doesn't pick up strange phone numbers when they show up on caller ID, so she actually had to call Fox back to find out her son was back in the running! However, they then proceeded to scream with happiness so loud that the "neighbors could hear [them]."

For his first performance in the live rounds, Jones sat atop a stool on the darkened stage as he delivered a spot-on performance of Luther Vandross' 'Dance With My Father.' Jones have his own spin to the tune, since his voice is much, much deeper than your average singer. His baritone vocals are what makes him so special, though, and his booming, gospel-twinged voice filled the room. He ended the song on a soft, sweet note, displaying his ability to hit a variety of notes, not just the deep ones.

When judging time came around, Jones had nothing to worry about when it came to comments, if it wasn't already clear by their beaming faces. Randy Jackson told the singer, "We haven't had a low baritone like that ever on this show," while J. Lo agreed, saying, "You do have such a special voice and such a special spirit." We would have to agree! We are definitely rooting for the gentle giant!

Watch Jermaine Jones Perform 'Dance With My Father' on 'American Idol'