Jermaine Jones' dismissal from 'American Idol' over outstanding arrest warrants was addressed on tonight's episode (March 14.) It cleared up a lot of questions and hopefully squashes the rumors that the gentle giant is some sort of violent criminal, as press reports began to indicate when news of his ouster broke.

A filmed discussion between Jones and the producers was aired (shown below), where they sat him down and read their findings and his arrest record back to him. The head honchos voiced their surprise and the fact that he chose not to disclose his outstanding warrants, saying, "We're not judgmental. Kids come to us with problems." They also acknowledged that troubled backgrounds are part and parcel of the show, since it often champions underdogs.

However, it was devastating to hear that if Jones would have come clean, they could have addressed it and helped him, but he chose not to. He admitted to being scared and nervous, and worried about being judged and penalized. He also said he planned to get it taken care of, but it didn't work out that way.

Jones also shared that he was not involved a fight, but that he fell down a flight of steps when carrying a bag and couldn't walk. He revealed that he has screws in his foot, and had a disagreement with a friend, but no fists were thrown.

That said, the producers revealed that they can't have contestants with an outstanding warrant on the show. Jones has four -- previous accounts indicated that he had five. The powers-that-be had to let the singer go because it's a legal matter, reminding him that he is absolutely fantastic as a talent.

The segment ended with a clip of Jones' booming baritone rehearsing 'Somewhere Out There' from 'An American Tail,' which would have been his performance song. The ending was just beautiful and made us think that he would have given J. Lo "goosies" and/or made her cry. Bumout.

Perhaps we'll meet Jermaine Jones again.

Watch Jermaine Jones Find Out He Is Being Dismissed From 'American Idol'