Now that we’ve got our Top 13, it’s time for the contestants on ‘American Idol’ to prove they deserve to be there. This couldn’t be truer for Jermaine Jones who was brought back by the judges last week, and battled it out as a wildcard for his spot.

Standing at 6 foot 8, Jones has nabbed the nickname of ‘Gentle Giant’ on ‘American Idol.’ The low register baritone belted out a rendition of Stevie Wonder’s 'Knocks Me Off My Feet,' but did it knock the judges off of theirs?

Steven Tyler seemed pleased and told Jones that his choice of song fit him like an Armani suit. He called Jones's voice “beautiful” and remarked he can’t wait to see what the singer has in store for us in the future. However, the other judges seemed less enthused as Randy Jackson said that although he was happy that they brought him back, he didn't love what Jones did with the song. This comment was met with a loud round of boos from the audience, who seemingly did not agree with Jackson. He retorted that he was “just being real” and advised Jones to “relax and sit in it” next time. Jennifer Lopez had similar concerns telling Jones “You’re nailing all the notes but I need you to relax and I need to feel like you are really singing to somebody.”

Jones told Ryan Seacrest that he felt like he did a good job and we take the singers side on this one. Mary J. Blige summed up our feelings about the gentle giant when in coaching Jones she said, “His voice is just gigantic, even though it’s low he can do anything.”

Watch Jermaine Jones Perform 'Knocks Me Off My Feet' on 'American Idol'