Jermaine Jones was eliminated from 'American Idol' this past week, but not because the voting public sent him home. Instead, producers had to show him the door since he has several outstanding arrest warrants. He contends that he was completely blindsided by his dismissal and was not told about the producers' findings beforehand; he walked into the room and there were cameras set up to record everything.

Jones is a true talent with a deep baritone, so we haven't heard the last from him. He spoke to PEOPLE after his ouster and as it turns out, he is in surprisingly upbeat spirits and is moving full steam ahead.

First things first: He's not crumbling because his tenure on the was abruptly ended. "I've been getting myself together, working on some new music and looking forward to recording soon," the gentle giant said. "I feel amazing. I have amazing fans and an amazing team."

Jones claims he was confused by his exit, since he did disclose his criminal past on the application. He revealed, "They did have a question [in which you had to admit] that you were arrested, and that I did do. And they did an extensive background check. When I went home and then I went back, I thought, they've done the research at this point. I was a little bit confused." Jones believed he was in the clear and that the producers of the show had done their homework. He said, "I did not know I was breaking the rules, because before I went, I had to obtain a lawyer and take care of some fines before I could go. I just thought everything was taken care of."

The singer, who said he'll miss Joshua Ledet the most, called the charges "minor" but a big deal for him, since no one wants the stain of a criminal record. He dubbed the provision of a fake name the cops as a "careless" move on his part, as well.

He isn't too concerned that his past will be held against him, saying he knows that "people will judge me or hold it against me, but I don't know anyone that doesn't have a past. Everyone has a past. It's not like I shot someone or assaulted anyone. I was younger. I got caught driving with a suspended license. I gave a false name. I'm not trying to say it was okay, but I'll be all right."

"Alright" includes working on his album in the studio and planning a tour. "I'm excited about my career. I eat it, I breathe it, I sleep it. Hopefully, I can work with some great people in producing my album and just get it going," he said.

Toldja we hadn't heard the last from Jermaine Jones, gentle giant.