Monday's episode of 'The Voice' brought with it plenty of live entertainment, but perhaps the best battle of the night fell out of the mouths of Alicia Keys backup singer Jermaine Paul and 19-year-old hopeful ALyX of Team Blake Shelton.

The pair tried Billy Ocean's 'Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car' on for size, and neither disappointed. In the pre-battle time-wasting stretch, where the two 'The Voice' contestants go one-on-one with celebrity advisors, Jermaine expressed that he knew he had an advantage over ALyX given her age. She admitted that she'd need to rise up to the song to get on Jermaine's level -- but Blake told his team members just to appear as if they're having a good time on stage and not try too hard.

Blake Shelton's wife Miranda Lambert, a fellow Texas girl, pretty much echoed his advice when she sat down with ALyX. Lambert was worried that she was too guarded and unsure of how to let go, and advised ALyX to be sassy and to learn how to cut loose.

Elsewhere, Jermaine found himself face to face with Kelly Clarkson, and after they were finished complimenting one another, it was time to get down to business. As his advisor, she didn't give much direction -- but she did express that she wanted him to come out on her tour, realizing his strength is that he's used to the stage.

Before it was battle time, Blake warned the increasingly (too) confident backup vocalist, "Don't underestimate her," making sure Jermaine didn't let his ego override his talent. Following a commercial break, it was time to go to war in the ring.

Armed with experience, Jermaine brought it ... and a little sexual tension, too. Christina Aguilera applauded his strong effort, while Cee Lo admitted that he's one of his own favorites. Adam Levine told him that he "took the song and kicked its a--," also siding with the bald and bold dude.

But the choice was all Blake's, and he refused to make a decision without giving ALyX the credit she deserved. Unfortunately for her, in the end he sided with the stronger singer -- Jermaine Paul.

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