We weren't quite sure how 'The Voice' Live Shows were going to work this season, as NBC is still straightening out the kinks of their relatively new show. But Jermaine Paul took the stage first, and he did so with a vengeance, laying the groundwork with Bon Jovi's late night hit 'Living on a Prayer.'

Jermaine practically skipped through the audience, touching the hands of his hundreds of new fans as he belted out the lyrics. We echo what Blake Shelton said about his student, a father of four who is "one of the most passionate singers I've ever heard in my life." The former Alicia Keys backup singer didn't lack any of his usual confidence (borderline cockiness) in tonight's first live episode.

Christina Aguilera, whose team is also competing on Monday's episode, didn't see how the song pick fit Jermaine at all, adding that he still milked it how he could -- though she said she could have done better with him. As for his own coach, Blake said he wanted Jermaine to enjoy the blur of dreams whizzing past him in full speed, adding that people love them some Jermaine Paul and he'll get his no matter what.

But how will he stand up to the competition? Tune in Tuesday (April 3) for the results from tonight's Live Shows. Fans can vote a number of ways, including by downloading Jermaine Paul's 'Living on a Prayer' cover on iTunes.

Watch Jermaine Paul Perform 'Livin' on a Prayer' on 'The Voice'